We will befriend your e-shop with Hubspot

Take full advantage of the strengths of both platforms and gain complete control of your marketing and sales using Upgates. Abandoned carts, wish lists, CRM: all of this will help you get the most from your e-shop.


Why link Hubspot with Upgates?

By linking these super platforms, you gain all functions of Hubspot for your online sales in a simple way. The developers of Upgates have prepared a fantastic universal e-shop, but that is where its functionality ends. If you want a quality CRM, automated marketing, greater control of your sales, and better communication with your customers, then linking it with Hubspot is a great solution.


What can Hubspot do?

Hubspot is based on the meaningful and permanent relations with your potential and current clients by ensuring a pleasant and seamless shopping experience. Why is this important? Because if you have satisfied customers, they spend more money and return to your shop.

Hubspot in a nutshell

  • CRM – a comprehensive yet simple CRM system, where the information on your clients, as well as other interesting data about their consumer behaviour, is stored in one place.
  • Marketing Hub – serves for recruiting new customers, as well as for collecting information about their consumer behaviour. All with the option of automatization.
  • Sales Hub – helps transform visitors into customers. Instantly informs you about potential sales. All well-arranged in a simple manner.
  • Service Hub – a lot of effort is invested into gaining new customers. It would be a huge shame to lose them, and Service Hub will help you retain them.
  • A blogging platform and input pages – Hubspot enables you to create beautiful blogs. Not only do they have easy administration, but with their help, you will also gain many potential customers and information about them.

Want to know more about Hubspot? Or do you want a short presentation?


What will you gain through this link?

Upgates currently provides the following items using an API data bridge.

  • Contact synchronisation – all information about your clients will also be seen in Hubspot. You can select whether Upgates will the primary and only source, or whether the synchronisation will work both ways. We will also categorise the contacts according to price levels and other parameters for further marketing communication.
  • Order synchronisation – all orders made will be transferred to the so-called Deals section. You will then see the order status, gains, etc.
  • Product synchronisation – we will import and synchronise your products, prices, and images to Hubspot.
  • Link to Pipelines – all activities and data gained are then clearly stored in your client database.

A more detailed description of the fields that are synchronised can be found in the Upgates API.

What you will truly gain, however, are all the Hubspot functions, thanks to which you will use the combined platforms for your imported data, resulting in a greater return for your efforts.


Price for the integration

  • One-time implementation – we will analyse your data in Upgates and will suggest an implementation process that will suit your strategy and data.
    Price: CZK 20,000 without VAT
  • Maintenance and updates – a monthly fee that includes technical support of the data bridge between Hubspot and Upgates.
    Price: CZK 2,000 without VAT, monthly
  • Hubspot - if you do not know how to use Hubspot to get the maximum out of it, we can help you.
    Price: individual


Why us

We are a GOLD partner, one of the largest in the Czech Republic. We have already integrated Upgates, and we have hands-on experience with it. Aside from our marketing expertise, we can also offer our erudite developers’ expertise of Hubspot.